1.     How you handle cutlery and utensils

A style that can be used in all forms of dining, be it formal or informal, is the continental style where you hold the fork in your left hand. The fork should be facing downwards where the lines of the fork or the knife- which should be held in the right hand- should face down. While holding the fork as well as the knife, make sure that your index finger is extended along the top line of the cutlery. To spread and lift your food, make use of your fork.

2.     How you place your napkin

How you handle your napkin depends on the formality of the occasion. While you are at a formal function, it is essential to check whether the host has unfolded their napkin and has placed it on their lap. While you are at an informal function, make sure to unfold the napkin and keep it on your lap as soon as you are shown where you’ll be seated. For both informal as well as formal occasions, if you are leaving the table for a short period of time, place the napkin on your seat and at the end of the meal, place the napkin to your left after you have folded them.


3.     Outside- in rule while setting the table.

To determine when to use cutlery that has been set on the dinner table, you can always make use of the outside- in rule. The outside- in can be made use of by working your way inside by using all the outer utensils first. For example, the first fork that you will use will be on the far left of the plate.

dining tips

4.     Resting utensils

The placement of your cutlery on your plate can indicate a great many things. If you’d like to take a break to have a sip of your beverage or if you’d like to take a break indefinitely, you can either place both your knife as well as your work at the centre of the plate in an angle that both of them make a V shape with each other and the tip of each utensil touching each others’ tip or by placing both your utensils on your plate diagonally, with the fork and knife parallel to each other. The styles described above are called continental and American respectively. After you have decided that you are done with your meal, make sure that the utensils you were previously using are placed parallel to each other while also being placed in the 4 o’clock position with respect to the plate’s rim.



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